First Post, My Story, ect…

Sooo, you decided to click that link, glad you did. Now the next step you have to do is either add this page to your RSS feeds, orrr, Bookmark it. Bear with me as I get this blogging thing under control, I’m new to it, and I want to spiffy it up too.

As part of my obsession, I want to help you understand the weather and give you a (hopefully) day to day forecast type thing.  Since Winter came early I’ve decided to start this blog and start forecasting right away!

I get REALLY excited when i look at the radar and see a mass of snow (or any other weather system for that matter) headed toward southeastern Michigan. It’s almost like Christmas day. If i ever get a chance to get on a computer at school, chances are you will see me with a Firefox tab of NOAA’s Weather Page, or some other radar of random clutter. Truth is, since the weather is changing all the time, i want to watch it all the time! Weird, I know, but there are those type of people out there.

I plan to get to you a snowfall estimate (winter), and other details so you don’t have to route around the interwebs searching for all that. I guess you could watch The Weather Channel, but here you have instant knowledge of the weather, for Chelsea, from a friend in the Chelsea.

So, I invite you over, to set this as part of your ‘Internet Routine’ ( Facebook, E-mail, News) and find out what the weather this week looks like!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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