Snow Saturday, White Wednesday?

First before I get all excited for Wednesday, here is the weather for this weekend.


Clipper comes in from north, 1-2 inch probability. nothing major, just an annoyance storm. Just a precursor to Wednesday’s madness. Sunday it will be cold, Sunday night lows in the single-digits, wind chill on top means sub zero temps, talking like -4 degrees in the morning.

This Wednesday thing:

Alright this could be our first major snowstorm of the season, large low pressure system rears up from the south and will track along the Appalachian Mountain Range. If the models are correct, then it should stay on the West side, meaning a bunch of snow for southeastern Michigan. Basically Blizzard Conditions. Colder temps will follow, some days only getting Highs in the teens. Keep in mind this is a week away, and the weather changes by the minute. I often have a hard time remembering that GFS 12z Wednesday Storm :] . After, lake effect machine kicks up and we will get stray bands coming across the state from Lake Michigan. Storm will probably stick around for awhile as it’s center of rotation will be just off the our East meaning it will sit and spin snow around it, awesome. No real estimates on snow accumulations now because it can change track like *that*. SOOO, wil keep checking it and keep this updated. Probably more than 6″ though.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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