Clipper Tomorrow, SShowers Mon, Wednesday Storm…meh


Clipper tomorrow is on its way, now moving over the Dakotas. Like I said earlier, light snow but probably for most of the day, very Christmas-y. At most 2 inches, if we get a lake-effect band, maybe more, but like an inch. Burst in the morning followed by a stronger one in the evening. Cold shot behind it will defiantly be cold. Lows around 10 Sunday Night, no doubt the wind chill will have something more to add also.


Little disturbance moves through, minor accumulations, ranging from a Trace to an inch or so.


Wednesday storm is shown to track differently now, but that’s kinda how the models are, one way this day, another way the next day. So who knows tomorrow it may look like it did yesterday. Like I said earlier, thing change all the time, and forecasting a week ahead is iffy. The NAM and GFS tend to have different takes on things so you kinda have to find a mid zone to what both of them agree on. Storm is still shown though, the Low is stationed closer to Michigan now so it may be little warmer, hopefully without a change to rain :/ . You do get the most snow when warmer temps are near cooler ones. Warm air allows moisture to get in the atmosphere where the cooler air will condense it, and hopefully fall as snow! Bottom line, things will wobble and change daily until about Monday when things should start locking in place for sure. Pics: 18z GFS Model Hour 108


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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