Storm Update I

Guessing since this storm is going to be over us for a while I will title this the first of a series :P

Waves of snow on the way for now, and that’s whats expected for tonight. Possibly 2 inches at daybreak. However, when tomorrow comes we get the warm side of the Low pressure system resulting in warmer temps, and rain. Freezing rain is also possible tonight, but I wouldn’t stay up till midnight because ‘you know there’s gonna be a snow day’ because there isn’t. I’m sorry, I’m bummed too. Its hard to believe that the snow would change to rain because of how cold it was today (17-28). Rain turns back over to snow for Tuesday night, this may make tricky roads because the half inch of rain we do get, will probably freeze over as temps drop from 37 to 27, with a wind chill of 16.(Snow day Hopeful) We will probably be far from the rain/snow line, and freezing rain will be doubtful since it requires such a special atmospheric setup to precipitate.

Precip Type Loop of Storm.

So to recap:

Snow tonight- 2in
FzRain Tonight- little mixed with snow
Rain Tomorrow-.5in
Snow Tues. Night-1in

Storm Form on Tues 7pm

Storm Form on Tues 7pm

Black line is Rain/Snow, south of line is rain. After this image, snow moves in for a short period. Red dot is Chelsea. Look how you can see the different radar signatures of rain and snow. Rain is clumped in cells while snow is a smooth curve and forming in bands.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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