Storm Update II

System will move out tonight, we will not get much more precip, maybe a inch of snow overnight. Temps will cool over night possibly freezing roads (good thing). I’m not aware what the back roads are like, but if they still have snow on them, then the rain freezes, then that will be really slick. When the snow is packed down (like dirt roads) then it is hard for the road commission to break it up. An added layer of Ice, like puddles of rain sitting around, will make spots tricky. Whether or not we have school tomorrow depends on how icy the roads will get. Lows will get into the mid 20s tonight. Winds will pick up, with gusts to 25. Wind chill will be around 15. I’m afraid that the roads will dry before the cooler air moves in making the roads dry. Once the wind picks up though it will help freeze ANY water on the roads. Band hitting western Michigan should cut across sometime tonight giving us the inch. Looks as though its moving pretty slow so that may lead to higher accumulations, not much though. Hopefully it holds together and does not run into any dry air, which i don’t think it will. Rain/Snow mix will continue to 10, then snow is likely. Sooo, cross your fingers, boot up the snow machines, and do your favorite snow day dance, because we are gonna need it…


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

2 Responses to Storm Update II

  1. archangelmichael2 says:

    I am reading the archives to see what the winter was like in you’re area as Michigan winter fascinated me. Reminds me of here in the PNW only colder and more fun. :)

    Did you wind up having you’re snow day or at least a late start? Which is more often for schools during snow events?

    • gweatherc says:

      Thanks for reading! Honestly I forget the result of this event. However I believe most school districts go for a go or no-go solution. Delays can be hard to coordinate faculty and bus schedules, as well as being sure the roads will be better by then.

      I’ve noticed in college we have more delays than full day cancellations compared to high school. Probably by that age, people are more independent.

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