Winter Storm WILL Impact Area Thurs Night/Fri

First of all, the mess came through last night and left a decent amount of snow on the ground. Most areas got 3 inches and some 4, and thats fine with me because Thursday night we will get dumped on.

Freezing rain looks to be less now as the storm looks to go further south, meaning we will be still cool enough for snow. The latest run of the NAM (18z) Shows that the snowy precip stays on us, while areas south get Fz rain (ohio boarder). There is still a chance we will get some, but not the inch that I said last night. I put together a loop of the storm cutting through:

Storm Movement

Storm Movement

Each frame is approx 6 hours, so we will be under some precip for quite awhile. Another thing I found on the NOAA website:

Poss Snow Accumulation Thurs Night/Fri

Poss Snow Accumulation Thurs Night/Fri

Each Box is one hour. If you look at it for a little while you will understand it. Blue is snow, Orange is Sleet, Pink is Fz Rain. Yesterday Fz rain was much higher, but today it is lower as we expect to be in a all snow layer. Total accumulations will be around 9 or 10 inches. But things do change. Up in northern Michigan they were expecting 11 inches according to yesterday, but now they will be getting about 3 inches. Thats how much a little shift can make a difference. And now we will get that snow.  Needless to say it is going to be snowing most of Friday, and by daybreak we may have 4 more inches on the ground. During the schoolday (hah yea right) we will pick up another 5 inches.  Stay tuned, will have a update tomorrow too, to finish this storm off. I don’t decide the snow days I just show what the weather is bringing, from what I see now it looks pretty slim for a day of school on Friday, but don’t count it out…

Winter Storm Watch (soon to be warning)


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