Alright all you buzzards…

I know  a lot of us are probably staying up late anticipating a early school closing or the snowy madness that will bury us tomorrow (probably mostly me :P )

I’m wondering when this thing is going to get to us. I just want the main snow to creep over us before I go to bed, gotta see the first flakes!

Everything seems to be on track, and snow may arrive earlier than 1 because of a band forming out front of the system. This is forming because the moisture is reaching the much cooler air, making it condense. Now it may just be radar clutter and actually not even hit the ground. This is often mistaken and people think it is snowing outside, when it really isn’t. This is called Virga. The precip hits a dry area while on its way down and evaporates, never reaching the ground. You can sometimes see this from ground level, but some takes place higher up.

Here is a nice radar, wish I had enough screen to view this thing at whole. This is a loop of the past couple hours, just hitting the refresh button will update it, but a new image is only added every 10 min. Epicly Huge Massive Radar Loop Not gonna explain where the storm is, pretty self-explanatory.

Looking at it makes me want to scream: CLOSE SCHOOL ALREADY! There’s not a huge blob of green junk about to absorb Chelsea or anything…


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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