Series of Storms on the Way

Wow, what a day, lots of people came asking me whats happening and here I shall tell you:

System will move out of the great plains tonight and start affecting the area around 1. Heavy snow (1-2 inch per hour rates!!!!) does not begin until 4 am. Then will last most of the day. A rumor was spreading that  ‘omg it got pushed back, it’s not gonna affect us now’ Wrong! This thing is still plowing through. This is a fast system and it will be here before daybreak. Probably 3 inches or so before 7am. Once again, heavy snow will start at 4 and continue until about 1 laying down another 5 inches. We easily could see 8 inches from this. One thing that got me down though, as i checked the weather in Tech class, is that a dry spot, that often accompany Low pressure systems, may interfere with how much snow we get. I hate dry spots, they are there just to make you mad you don’t get that extra 3 inches of snow. Right now that is the only thing that worries me. The dry spot would mean a break in the snow and possible end it all together. (see animation below) Its iffy if the spot will miss us and go south, or just nick us. Either way, we still will be getting much more snow then the Tues night storm.Remember these are forecasting models and they do vary, but most the time they are correct.

(sorry it’s kinda fast, just watch it a few times)

Friday Storm

Friday Storm

I’m gonna take a whack at it and say we will not have school tomorrow. NOT because of how much we willl have in the morning, but the situation as school would wear on during the day. Around 3 we c0uld have most of the 8 inches on the ground. Which would mean epic trouble for buses and people driving home.

More storms are headed our way, Sunday we have a chance for a few more inches, then again on Tuesday. MAny storms are lined up according to the long range GFS, but since it forecasts up to 2 weeks out, they are still iffy and rubbish. Will update on those later.

Thanks all for viewing! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

Other Interesting Charts:
Chance of getting >8″
Snowfall Amount Estimate


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