Weather station!

I got a add-on for my weather station allowing me to log the data forever, and also stream it to the Internet! I have it currently updating every minute, but I can also turn on an option that makes it update every 2.5 seconds (all its really good for is wind) So maybe some windy days I can turn that on to see those powerful wind gusts! Pretty nifty stuff. It will take a few days for the graphs to fill in as the data comes in, but eventually you will be able to see some trends.


Next snow maker moves in Tuesday night-Thursday Morning. It will be a long term light snow allowing it to last for most of the day. No huge accumulations are expected, we are just getting nipped by it, part of  Canada will see 6-12 inches. We will  see  1-2. I’m just happy to get more snow on the ground, because grass in the winter is annoying. The models are agreeing now that most of the storm will head just east and south of us. Mixing is still possible with sleet or Fz rain.


Next chance of accumulation comes Fri/Fri Night. This will be a clipper system, but will be forced to mainly go north  thanks to a High pressure system brought in from the system on Tuesday. It is interesting to see how the systems interact with each other. We may see 2-4 inches from this, so slowly but surly the snow will add up.

Next large storm looks possible next Wednesday as a Low passes to our East, and we get the snowy side.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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