Snow Bands Come Marching in

We are getting the lucky winds tonight, enough to blow the Lake Effect Snow bands off of Lake Michigan, and across the state. The band should hold up and we may see 3 inches out of it tonight along the I-94 corridor.Lake effect snow tends to be really powdery and blows around a lot. I think it usually takes more Lake Effect Brand snow to accumulate just because it is so light, but it’s bigger flakes tend to make you think different. It will basically look like it’s snowing forever, but nothing is really stacking up.


Low pressure system comes whipping in from the west and we get some snow out of it. Models once again disagree on where the Low will track( north or south) This is key in determining how much snow we get. The NAM takes it north and Southern Michigan gets 4 or so inches, or it could go a more southerly route, by the GFS, and we would end up with about 1-3 inches. Cold air comes in from the North and High temps struggle to get in the 20s next week.

That Wednesday storm I hinted at looks to have fizzled out. It looks like a few Alberta Clippers are in order to make runs through, but nothing big like our 8 inch snowfall before break.  I’m thinking if this Friday Storm holds, then we could pick up more than 4 inches, but it also may be going really fast and pass over us before more snow accumulates.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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