Storm to Hit Friday

Snow showers will continue as some good looking cumulus-congestus clouds zoom around. Lows in the mid-teens.


This strong clipper system will cut south, launching moist air into the cold sector hovering over us.  The moisture will condense, and bam, snow. Center of the low will actually be placed somewhere over Ohio, but with it’s Counter-Clockwise rotation this will sling the moisture up into Michigan. All precip should be snow, as different mixtures are put in the further south you go (Ohio border south). Western Michigan also looks to get a good amount.  Storm arrives Friday Afternoon around noon. By around 3 there should be close to 2 inches on the ground. Timing could be a little better if it would come tonight, but since the system is just now exiting Canada over North Dakota, I don’t think it is going to travel 750 miles in 9 hours. Storm will be long duration, lasting until Saturday Evening. Expecting this storm to lay down 5-8 inches. So, if you plan to sled or snowmobile this weekend it’s the time to do it! Wish I could make it go faster, but that would mean less precip!

Models are still a bit confused, but fairly confident it will take the northern NAM route. IF it did follow south more, then we would still see 2-4 inches.

Next week looks to be very cold as arctic air will spread into the region.

Will add an animation later as more frames need to come out.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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