Dangerous Cold

Looking at NOAA’s snowfall totals this weekend it appears we got the highest amounts from around the region. Snow really picked up in the afternoon hours, after a disappointing morning session. At one point visibility was cut to below a quarter-mile. It’s cool to walk outside then and not hear anything because the snow absorbs all the sound. I went out to put birdseed in the feeder and it felt like another world out there.


GFS and NAM currently see 2 clippers coming down from Canada that could give us a few inches each. The first one comes Monday night where we could see 2-4 inches. And the second arrives Wednesday Morning with another 2 inches. Both storms look to directly hit us, but these things travel fast, and thats why we see low amounts. Speaking of fast, winds will also pick up. Gusts of around 25 MPH will be blowing around. What will the winds be blowing in you say? Read on.


I found a interesting Graphic on NOAA’s webpage.(this is a view of the Earth looking straight down on the Northern Hemisphere) I know it’s hard to find Michigan but it’s under the 5220 contour tag. This shows the Arctic Air coming straight from the Arctic Circle. Purples mean very cold, and greens and yellows are warmer. Notice the shades are really close to what we will be getting this week. These temps will be very dangerous to anyone who is outside for a period of time. Wind chill values will reach the -20s in early morning and night. Highs during the day in the single digits are also probable with this cold snap. We may have another ‘Cold Day’ this week like we did a few years ago. This cold is not to be messed around with, a temperature of -5 will freeze a cup of water poured down a windshield instantly. Hopfully the winds will not knock out power, sending people into the dark for the coldest temperatures of the season.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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