Clippers 1&2


A clipper is going to cut through the Upper Great Lakes. Along with it will be snow, winds, and freezing temps. Tonight accumulations of around 4 inches can be expected. The snow will be heavy but short. Winds will also pick up tonight as the system arrives, calming, then increasing again Tuesday Night, as Clipper 2 reinforces. Winds will gust to around 30. They could well be higher as the Dakota’s got Hurricane Force winds today. right now the system looks quite disorganized, but models show it gathering strength and moving across Michigan tonight.

Jan 13 Clipper

Jan 13 Clipper


Bad timing as the system moves through Midday and dumps another 4 inches. This clipper may drop a bit more due to strengthening that may occur, but it may drop south a bit. Main story with this storm is the winds and chill. Low wind chills still look to drop into the -20s Thursday night and Friday morning. Cold day?

Next big chill looks to be around the 20th.


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