Clipper Disintigrates

We AREN’T getting snow tonight, many thought we were, but the clipper that moved through last night went quick and has left the area next snows will be tomorrow as a new clipper system moves in.

The Clipper that looked probable for our area has decided to track south and hit areas of Ohio instead. The NAM takes the system significantly further south from earlier this morning when I took a peek at it. We still could pick up an inch but not the 4 that looked probable the last few days.This may mean even cooler temps for us as the system will bring cooler air more south.

Cold air is still on track. Look for a high in the single digits tomorrow, and wind chills in the negatives. Wind chill advisories may be issued later in the week for Thursday/Friday. This cold should not be messed with as frostbite can settle in quickly. Time outside should be no longer then 10 or so minutes to limit exposure to the chill. This is part of a bunch of arctic air moving down into the region. Quickly ran a graphic here to show how this works.

Isobars Show cold system moving in

Isobars Show cold system moving in

First, I outlined Michigan since some people have a hard time finding it on the full size map. One thing you will notice is the blues, aquas, and purples. This map actually is showing upper level wind speeds, so you can disregard the wind barbs. However the Isobars (black curves) show pressure changes and ultimately air masses. Notice how closely packed they are. This can show many things. In this case there are high winds because new weather is being blown in. Basically, the closer they are, the windier. (remember this is upper level where much higher winds are) What I mean to show is that areas inside each ‘ring’ (if you followed them places inside would have about the same temp or conditions) have the same temperature or about. Some of the rings we are in go up to upper Canada, showing the cool air mass dropping down. This doesn’t stop only in the Midwest, areas in the south also will be getting some cool temps. The COLD letters I wrote on there kinda misguide you, but that was meant to show where the cold is, it really isn’t coming down at that angle.  Full Image. It is confusing, if you want further explanation just catch me at school, or send me a IM.

As this system remains dominant for the rest of the week, the weather will be quite steady (no huge snowstorms). Winds will still be gusty. Just light snow showers are possible in the short run.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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