Cold Air is a Go!

Stepped out the door today at 2F, and I knew it was here. Came home and my hand froze to the handle. Temps tumbling overnight.

Calm conditions this morning helped keep wind chill from going to extreme, but non the less, it is going to get colder. Skies will clear, allowing cooler conditions to arrive, this is due to radial cooling. Having a clear sky will let cool air to push into the region easier overnight. If it was very cloudy, the clouds would act like an insulator keeping the warmness from the day in the troposphere. Conditions will deteriorate overnight as winds pick up and push chills into the negative teens. In the morning expect chills as low as 18 below. Tomorrow during the day, we will only make it into the lower single digits, meaning more sub zero wind chills.Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for the area, for wind chills of -20. A Wind Chill Watch is also in effect until Saturday for the long run as Friday looks to be the most brutal. This may eventually change to a Wind Chill Warning.

Friday looks even worse, and right now I think we will end up with a Cold Day as wind chills look to go almost into the -30s. Once again, this is very dangerous. It is important to mention that this cold will last ALL day as the wind looks to be fairly constant around 15-20 mph. This combined with sub zero temperatures, create the wind chill. Gusts up to 30 will also be present. Looking at the chart below that illustrates a 10-30 minute frostbite.

Stay indoors, unless you really need to go sled or something. That’s permitted :]

Getting away from all this, it looks like we have another clipper on the horizion to bring a nice 4 inches this weekend.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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