What more is to say then it is going to be cold.

Wind Chill Watch and Advisory are still in effect and they are on the verge of putting a Warning out because it is close to the criteria for such a thing. If a Warning is posted chances are schools will be closed. However, like last night, I’m worried if the winds are going to keep constant. Last night there was no wind what so ever, making no temp difference in Wind Chill, the temp was -2, the wind chill was -2. Judging by a nice little breeze right now I feel more confident in the Wind Chill factor for tonight. Winds should increase to 7-10 mph, with mild gusts. Tomorrow midday is when gusts really start winding up and things could get hairy.

I was really iffy about tonight today. In the morning it had looked like a snow band may have developed and caused temps to not dive as much as forecasted. That band seems to have been weaker, or not developed correctly, so going back with original estimates of around -25f Wind Chills.


Warm from on a Low will lift the cold air back where it came from and bring a potential 2-4 inches of snow for SE Michigan. The real to-close-to-call thing about this storm is wether or not we will be within the wrap around section for a few extra inches of the white stuff. Right now it appears that that area will not be over us, but the weather does change quite a bit.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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