Large system to the South

Like I commented on earlier a large weather system will be moving across the Eastern states today through tomorrow. GFS and other models have partially agreed on a more northern track that will possible bring more snow to the area. The storm will just barely clip Southeastern Michigan, so low accumulations are expected. I can only really see 2 or so inches from this. Other locations will get absolutely pounded by it. Areas in Pennsylvania look to see 9+ inches when its all said and done. The midsection is getting iced as freezing rain will not let up.

The reason the system is missing us is because of the Trough being so far south. Think of the Trough as a railroad track, and the storm as the train. Where the track is, the train will follow. The reason it was so far south was due to the cold air pushing down from the north. Hence you get to the phase where ‘it’s too cold to snow’. Oh how stubborn the weather can be sometimes…

Temps look to continue to stay the same course also, not much difference.  However Sunday looks to be the warmest at around 30.

Large System Moving Northeast

Large System Moving Northeast


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One Response to Large system to the South

  1. Paul says:

    Wow you are right again Greg and thanks for fixing your station now i have somthing to look at every day and lets hope its still up during tech.

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