Spring may be finally holding strong

While the transition from Winter to Spring has been quite rocky, things look to be shifting in Spring’s favor. There is always that last breath winter has, and we got that a few weeks ago with a quick 6 inch dumping. This week has been interesting as it started cold and rainy with (some snow possibly mixed in). Later in the week though, get your spring clothes out! 

It’s not often you see a Rain/Snow mix and 80 degree weather in the same week, but this is one of them. Temps start to climb Thursday and continue into Saturday where the mercury will hit a quick 80F, only 3 days after some snow. Now, of course this can and has happened quicker with extreme weather events of 80 degrees in one day and 4 hours later snow. That’s what you call a really strong cold front. 

All of this will be started by a High pressure system that comes down from Canada and travels out to the Atlantic. Since High pressure systems have a clockwise flow, as it moves east, it will tap into warm air in the Gulf of Mexico and sling it into the Midwest. to help illustrate this, I decided to make another one of my nifty graphics. It is of the NOAA GFS Model for 4/25/09 on 4/21/09. (Michigan is located under the word ‘High’) Purple arrows represent the High’s air movement, remember it is also outward, that is what is keeping the rain to the West off our backs for a day. The black arrow represent the relative path of the High, in reality it dips more over Ohio, but just for the simplicity of the picture i did a straight line. 



Hope everyone enjoys the warmth this weekend!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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