Summer pokes it’s head in

80 degrees already?

High pressure has dominance over the area and it has tapped into some warm air in the south bringing it up to give us a shot of summer. If you enjoy these temps, then I’m sorry because 80s are going to go away for awhile when 70s show up for the rest of the week and next. A slight cool down will take place and place us in some reasonable spring temps. Clear weather looks to stay though so clear sailing for all you clear sky fanatics. A chance of Thunderstorms Saturday, but nothing huge and consistent. For the most part, clear with some clouds here and there, a chance of rain Saturday, and day temps in the mid 70s.


Right now it seems that Michigan is in a mainly Dry pattern. No huge storms are being kicked up our way. I guess in a way this is a good thing, but I enjoy those big boomers with super cells forming. It’s just so interesting watching things develop. But thats just me and the other weather fanatics out there.


In other news, got a cool shot of some ‘valley fog’ down by North Lake, forms because of a depression of cool air that is at the condensation point aka the Dew Point.  Since cool air is dense it sinks, the reason the fog does not travel up is because the temp will not support the condensed state. The fog was moving from left to right as slight winds wicked it along.

Valley Fog in the MorningValley fog 2


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

One Response to Summer pokes it’s head in

  1. Paul says:

    This weather sucks when it it going to storm or get in much lower in temp

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