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Today is the 13th of July, and we can expect a beautiful day ahead. High landing somewhere in the upper 70s and not too humid either. That will drag the heat index down so it feels more like it actually is. Tomorrow looks to be an exact copy. Things look to change on Wednesday when we catch the tail end of a Low pressure system. As of now, it appears nothing huge will be able to organize. Looks like it may be a ‘all day thing’ where you have a high chance of rain all day. So I can’t say an exact time as to when it will arrive. Mainly about 9 AM then lasting until 6PM. I doubt it will be solid rain the whole time, more like scattered showers/thunderstorms.

In the long term, it looks like a substantial High pressure system will bring excellent weather for next week. Maybe only 2 days with a chance of rain.  Temps should be around 70 as it drags down cooler air from the north. Now if the High was posted further on the East coast, it would be dragging up warm moist air from the south, yucky. That is because High pressure systems have a clockwise turn to them in the Northern Hemisphere. In the south they spin anticlockwise. Same applies to Low pressure areas which spin anticlockwise in the Northern and clockwise in the Southern. Primary (well the only) cause of this is because of the Coriolis force. Although it does not actually exert a force on the air around it,  it just experiences a ‘deflection’. Same applies with water currents. Will let some youtube videos help illustrate the meaning since it is quite hard to grasp…how they hold on to a merry-go-round with no hands, I do not know.
This first one is good to see the effect in simple terms.

Second one is from the BBC with them showing a marble on a rotating dish. You can skip to like :46 seconds in, just missing some blibber blab. I really enjoyed this one because it shows the effect VERY well.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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