Storms riding the wave ~ <-the wave

I guess it should be titled jet stream, but the wave sounded pretty fun for tonight.

Yes infact it can be too cold for snow. As the cool arctic air is pushed from the north, it shoves the rain/snow line further south. This may sound good for a all snow solution, but you need moisture for clouds to form, and moisture for snow to fall. This moisture is hard to come by when cold dry air is in place. In our case the jet stream is way south over Kentucky and other southern states. Storms and Lows follow the jetstream usually and will trek along its path. Think of it like one of those slot car set ups. You have your set track laid down, and the car can only travel along this path. Now,  storms do not always follow the jetstream, they can form and come from anywhere, but like I said you need moisture for any storm to cook up(usually coming from a warm body of water like the Gulf of Mexico, West coast, or lakes for lake effect snows).

As a arctic anti-cyclone drops from Canada Sunday into Monday, we may be lucky enough to get a nice band of lake effect to form. It looks like we could pick up a decent amount but I am leary as lake effect snow over here usually flys around more than lands and accumulates.After that storms still track along the jet stream. Even the east coast will be missing out on these storms where they usually profit from the jet stream hooking up at the east. I will try to track down a image to help illustrate.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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