Late week snowfall!!

Well I had originally started this around 7:30, but the save feature on my iPhone didn’t really work that well…

This gave me time to check up on the possibility of freezing rain tonight. It was mentioned earlier for western Michigan, and they do have a freezing rain advisory, but it was uncertain on how deep it would push into central/eastern Michigan. Judging by my sliding door that is now covered in ice, I would say it made it pretty far in. The advisory next door in Jackson county mentions that patchy spots will last to mid morning and of course this could impact morning travel. Expect it to be light in our area rest of the night but just be careful in the morning rush, not thinking it will be enough to call it a you-know-what day. (don’t jinx it anyway ; P)

What could cause one of those days that should not be named, is a system moving in later week Thursday/Thursday night. Not 100%on this system as I myself believe there is still some goofiness going to take place. As of now a amount of 3-5 inches looks probable. Accumulations should be greatest south of m-59. Timing looks tough though if we want a snow day. Snow will fall during the day Thursday and continue through the night. We can hope but I think road conditions will be wet and traversable by Friday morning.

Sorry for no pictures, for one the system looks like a weakling on radar, and don’t have access to the computer at the moment. Later update tomorrow for final storm thoughts!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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