Storm thoughts for Wednesday

Well, things seem to be coming together for accumulating snows on Thursday and Friday.

This could be our first rather large snowfall of the season, since previous readings have only topped 2 or so inches. Now that we are placed in a nice cool air dome maybe something will fall as snow for once.  Still expecting a rough accumulation of 3-5 inches by Friday late morning. Snow should start falling after noon on Thursday and continue through Friday Morning. Thats all there really is to say.  Should be a long duration event with light snow falling for close to 12 hours. Snow could be heavy Thuesday afternoon as the northern part of system chugs its way though. After that it may be lighter but still falling pretty well. Precip should remain all snow as temps only approach the upper 20s.  Wind will pick up beind the system as another shot of cold air drops down.  Highs Friday look to top out in the teens.  This combination of cool temps and wind will pull the wind chill down and approach the negative single digits. Right now Winter Weather Advisories are placed west of us and expect one to be in effect for us by the morning.

NCEP/NWS/NOAA HIRESW Model images, gif loop by Me

Chicago gets slammed with wrap around snows and later lake effect, lake bands are also possible for us as the storm passes.

Not going to give my stand on one of those special days, but we could be looking at a healthy bit of snow on the ground by daybreak. Things just depend on road conditions which could very well be bad, but seeing we have not had many storms yet this year expect snow removal to be running full tilt. I’ll give it my highest chance yet this season, but something tells me this storm is not all its knocked up to be…

Next week a mild warming trend could give us some above average temps.


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