Storm Report for Feb 9-10th

Sorry this is so late, computer was having some issues with WordPress the past few days. I guess that’s a pretty poor excuse, but decided I should sit down now and type it up!

Now I had some awesome ‘Before and After’ pictures of my backyard, but the iPhone camera decided to put red lines across the picture. So I thought it best to leave them out and just imagine a yard of grass, then a yard of snow. Win.

Overall coverage of the snow ranged from 8-10 inches all across southern Michigan. NOAA always does a good job handling snow reports and makes some nice easy to read graphics.

Snow totals across southeast Michigan

Official Measurement @ the house, did I say 8 inches?

Looking South

Looking East

Enjoyed the snow by making some good sledding runs down the hill. No sled session is complete without a ramp:

Bracing for impact...

Overall it was a nice reminder that Michigan can in fact snow. Our winter has been relatively snow-less except for the occasional inch or two.  No other storms appear in the near future, but I have a feeling that this pattern is changing around now that we are later in the season. We may see one or two more large size storms move through the area.

Rest of the week looks cool, but we may get some highs in the lower to mid 30s. Snow is absent and clouds and sun will dominate.

Hey by the way,

Thanks for making Tuesday Feb 9th, the most visited day on my blog here. Looks like I got about 55 views, which is huge in comparison to the regular 5-10. Things seem to always hop up when a storm is looming and I imagine when a snow day is probable too :). Just glad I can help you guys and gals out. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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