Winter’s Last breath?

Not very often I write up something at 10am, but what may be coming is a special case…

I mentioned the chance for some snow showers this weekend, specifically on Sunday and Monday. Recent findings have shown a strengthening of the system and brings the possibility of some stronger precip. Early estimates show about 10 inches in the Grand Rapids area! Movement of the storm will be to the East so surly we will get a decent spread too.Keep in mind this is 5 days out and can still very well switch hot/cold areas. Saturday and Sunday highs look to hit in the mid to lower 50s with a drenching rain. Come Sunday night snow may start to mix as cooler air moves in. Snow may be heavy but short lived, possible leaving the area by noon Monday, some rag-tag showers left behind. All of this is happening due to a Low pressure system moving through the region. The spin will cause snow and precip to stay over our area for an extended period or time (opposed to other places just experiencing Cold Front weather) meaning a buildup of wrap around snow. In the transition of Rain->Snow, we may see a few precip types meaning freezing rain/sleet. This could spell for some interesting travel on Monday as people wake to see winter has come for revenge.

Last year we got a 6 inch snowfall in April, so this storm could definitely come true. There is always winter’s last dying breath, and this could be it. What I am worried about is just how much precip will fall. The storm looks to hit quick, but at the same time pack a punch. The transition time from rain to snow will be key for snow amounts and other freezing precip. This is something definitely to watch and will do in the following days.

Extended range shows a few light snow showers coming down a few days later from a system, but nothing significant at this point. Further on things really warm up and we look at a few thawing rain storms to help clear up any left over snow from this weekend.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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