The weather must go through!

Got a few showers yesterday by a few passing clouds, will help all the blooming flowers and grass to grow. Freeze advisory is again out for tonight as cool air returns. Not having many clouds in the sky also help as it allows warm air to escape the area quicker. (Think of clouds acting like a blanket) Chance of rain picks up for Friday night and Saturday. Can expect the most rain on Sunday as the skies open up. By Monday night most of the rain should be gone. A few lingering showers during the day will mark the end. After that its back to fair days in the 60s. Welcome to spring!

Whats cracking down south? How about some thunder and lightning. Well I guess lightning does not have to ‘crack’ sound, but it looks like a crack of light? Try to win some points that way. Anyway, got some sever storms rumbling through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. There have been many tornado reports and right now we can just hope people have heeded the warning to take shelter. Hopefully these storms calm down before it gets too dark over there. Tornadoes are VERY dangerous during the night period because for one you cannot see them, but they also cannot be recognized well by sound, that is until it is on top of you. Looking ahead for tomorrow, another chance for severe storms pops up around Louisiana and Arkansas. However the whole midsection could see spotty severe weather. All of this mess will continue to the east eventually hitting the Carolinas and other parts of the south.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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