Another rainy weekend ahead!

Its a shame we seem to be in a pattern where the fronts comethrough on the weekends. The weekdays are nice but you can’t do much on the weekends when its down pouring. I’m sure we could list a bunch of things like, playing tiddlywinks, makeing a crossbow out of pencils, writing japanese haiku’s,  or even indoor paint ball(if you dare). But we all want it to be nice so we can do things outside. Like mow the grass. Everyday the lawn outside is looking more and more like the Amazon jungle, would like to tackle that some day…

Until our chances of rain and thunderstorms this weekend, we have another picture perfect week. Highs should be increasing from the lower 60s and touching 70s later in the week. Days should be clear with just a few clouds in the sky. Few mornings could produce some frost as temps dip low enough to hit the dew point. Should not be that big of a deal unless you have some fresh plants sitting out, may want to drag them inside if you have a chance. Lows will get down to the 30s because of a clear sky and we get heat escaping quicker (again think of clouds as blankets). Have to make a drawing sometime if I can.

Now that it is Severe weather season, just remember to heed warnings posted by the National Weather Service and NOAA. Believe it or not(actually believe it) they do know what they are talking about. This most recent tornado outbreak is a example. At least 12 people lost their lives due to severe weather/tornadoes. One was reported to have been a mile and a half wide and stayed on the ground for 10 miles. Even if lightning is in the area, if you can hear thunder you are in striking distance of lightning. Lightning has been known to strike 10-12 miles away from the storm, some instances while blue sky is overhead. If you feel your hair standing on end crouch(minimizing contact with the ground), and cover your head with your hands. Try to make yourself a smaller target. Do not lay on the ground as this makes you a large ground, and lets just say it would hurt a lot! Didn’t really want to start a huge safety speal, but it is important to know. Stay safe!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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