Moving out/Moving In

Hello again, yes I am in fact still alive. I guess getting ready for college really is a big deal. The past weeks have been spent going on trips with lifelong friends and making sure I have a laptop for use. It occurred to me many times that the blog was just sitting there to rot, and nothing was going on. My weather station hit the pits and both the rain and humidity sensors are on the fritz. Did not have time to figure out what was wrong with them, so will probably not have live reporting again. That data is sent to The Weather Underground and meteorologists look at it to evaluate weather systems. I do not want that data to be wrong because then people get mad and start throwing shoes at you.

I also modified the update title line many times. Believe it went from ‘Daily’ to ‘Weekly’ to ‘Whenever I get around to it!’. That’s kinda sad. During the summer I just don’t feel like posting because system patterns are different and don’t arrive in waves as winter weather patterns do. In other words, I can’t post a huge speal on a storm, things just pop up. (“Yea whatever!” right?)

All in all, I intend to change that and really get back to monitoring the blog. Now that I am in Mt. Plesent at CMU, I still want to continue the coverage in Southeastern Michigan. Not only do I have my greatest fan base there, I am accustom to forecasting there. Once things start to flip I will consider branching up to here. Regardless, if you ever need a forecast wherever you are, feel free to comment and bring it up.

Now onto the weather:

First thing I notice on the weather map is a strong low pressure system positioned over Canada, specifically Hudson Bay. This low looks to spin there for a few days. The cold front associated with it will allow cooler and dry air to filter into the region. This will probably last until Thursday when the low drags another system through below it. Opposed to humidity being in the 90% range, expect things more mild in the 50-70% range. Highs will fall to the lower 80s, so not completely comforting.

Chances of rain look to happen today (Sunday) and maybe Thursday night as a system moves through. Today some scattered pop-up thunderstorms look to form, but they may be pretty sparse. This is due to the front moving through. If it was moving through later in the day, more activity could show up as daytime heating will have taken place. The Thursday system looks to move through pretty quick, but will keep tabs on it.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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