Hurricane Earl to track along or near East coast. Then end up where?!

Just had a peek at another run of the GFS and it brings Earl along the east coast then up into Northern Canada/Ontario/Hudson Bay. Pretty interesting to see how the track is changed by surrounding weather systems. Looking at how Danielle is tracking to the East along the jet is different than what Earl is expected to do. Thinking this has to do with Earl becoming a much stronger cyclone then Danielle. In a sense, Earl overrides the jet and only wavers on the path. Currently rated a Category 4 storm, Earl is residing near the Puerto Rican islands. Max sustained winds clock in at around 135mph.  A  eye can be made out, and should be getting more defined within the next day. May expect one to form up once it careens east of Florida into the open Atlantic. Will keep an eye, but it does appear to track closer to the Eastern seaboard than it did 24 hours ago.


Hurrican Earl with an eye

In our neck of the woods, still some warm and humid heat. Expect the humidity to increase as some moist air is drawn up from the south by that exiting high pressure system. Cold front should move through Thursday bringing relief. Temps should drop down to the 70s with less humid conditions once the front has passed.


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