Its Going to be Cold, but Besides that…

If  You have read the past few posts you know it is going to be a cool weekend and we will see our first frost of the season. Looking ahead the week looks to moderate and warm into the 60s. Week also looks realitivly dry which will allow for a few nice *warmer* fall days. You know why it will remain dry? Omega Block time!

Just recently have been looking up information for these weather ‘blocks’. Really is nothing more than a weather pattern setting up with High and Low pressures, but it is out of the ordinary to see them. In the early week we see hints of a ‘cut off’ low taking place over the eastern half of the US. By mid week, Omega Block looks to be in full control. The Omega Block resembles the Greek letter Omega (Ω), and thus given the name. An Omega Block consists of a High pressure ridge flanked by two Low pressure systems. In this case, the ridge is located over the nation’s midsection, with the two lows on the East and West coast. In a way it is kinda easy to forecast wet and dry areas because it is such a steady pattern, part of the reason we will have a predominantly dry week.

Omega Block seen on 500mb NAM run. One Low can be seen over the east coast, the other on the west coast. A large ridge of High pressure has been placed over the center of the country, creating a Ω resemblance.

If I had the chance though, I would call it the ‘Mustache Block’.

Mustache Block in full swing

While these blocks can stick around for awhile, this one looks to break up in time for the weekend. After that things are up in the air. The GFS brings the west coast low waaay down south towards the Gulf of Mexico creating a open path for the main jet stream to merge down cool air. This time it looks more stable as we move deeper into fall.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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