Having set a new record, wind storm moves out…

I was a little unnerved at how little wind we (Mount Pleasant area) recieved on Tuesday. A large squall line punched through around noon and really stirred things up. However once that moved out, only moderate winds stuck around.

Today was a different story. Right off the bat it was windy. The low pressure system moved northeast bringing us closer to the central pressure area. Now however it has pushed north into Canada.

While severe storms are still wrapping up on the east coast, today was not as active as yesterday. Checking the NWS website, there were 32 reports of tornadoes and 321 reports of wind damage!

Red dots indicate tornado reports, blue shows wind reports, and green dots hail. Click image for further details.

While it was not such a big event for Michigan, it will be one to remember in some places and the nation as a whole. A new record low pressure was set in the continental United States(non-tropical storm) at 955.2 millibars. This took place at Bigfork, MN. Comparable storms? How about the storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975, and a similar storm that came through on Armistice day in 1940. It was truely a day to remember for any weather fan. With pressure that low, it could be compared to a Category 3 hurricane! While it lacks the features of one (the wind speed for example) the central pressure is similar. This is very rare for land based systems.

There is plenty to review of this storm, so don’t be surprised if random bits and pieces pop up now and then in future posts.

Rest of the week should be fairly pleasant with cooler temps. Lows the next few days could touch the upper 20s so bundle up! Large ridge of high pressure will keep us dry into next week.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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    Nice job. Really enjoyed the direct to the point info.Keep up the good work.
    Thank you, Dad

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