Last post of my Autumn/Lake Effect Machine warming up!

Just a note: If anyone needs a term define or cleared up, take a peek at the new Terms page. If its not there, send me a message or contact me.

Thought I would start tagging these posts under ‘Winter’ as it is getting about that time. Granted it may not be official WINTER yet, I usually associate December as a winter month.

Cold front moved through today after noon. Was quite a change using a light coat this morning, only to need a winter jacket during the afternoon. (Click Here for HiRes)

Cold front stomps eastward, storms firing in the South. Image from: NOAA-NASA GOES Project


Little shortwave disturbance will move through tonight and cause the Lake Effect machine to kick up. Since the lakes are still fairly warm, expect some serious snows to kick up if other conditions permit. Late Wednesday a band could form along I-94 stretching all the way across the state. This would bring the highest intensity snows so far, but only amount a dusting to half inch. Places along the Lake Michigan shoreline could see upwards to 4 inches when it is all said and done Friday. Things chill out for the rest of the week until the weekend when another system breezes by.

This system is still pretty rouge as models are all over the place with the track and timing. They have been placing it further south, but with how inconsistent they are, anything could happen. Will keep watching it for the possibility of some quick accumulating snows this weekend. After this system does move through, more cool air will be on the backside. This will ignight the lake effect machine for places south of the Lakes, as the winds will be from the north.

Just to throw it out there, GFS shows a large system on the 15th giving us snow, but it will probably shift too far west and dump 6+ inches on Wisconsin instead. (Yea we get rain) :|


Hey! I noticed I forgot to post a storm video in the Videos section. This was when a reported wall cloud went right overhead this past summer. What did I do? Grabbed the camera and ran outside! Just thought I would let you know of some new material.


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