Another order of Waffles please!

No model has an idea on what this weekend system is going. The clipper we are receiving tonight was pretty simple to forecast and continues to move across the area dumping an inch or two. It seems this clipper is swinging a little further south, and therefore may bring more cool air down. While it is not far off from what the models predicted, I think once this clipper is out of here, things will be more clear. Unfortunately about that time this next storm will be on top of us. My take on this weekend mess? Ride it out. Really. Weather offices all over the Midwest and Ohio Valley are also being generous because of the waffling the models have been doing. Really confident we will see snow out of this though. How much is really in the air because we may see the dreaded dry slot move into Michigan, or even some liquid precip.

What is foreseeable is the cold air and driving winds that will come behind this storm. Would not doubt if we see a day of highs in the lower teens or even single digits. BRRRR. This will be the coldest shot so far this season. Winds will really kick up if the storm successfully intensifies. Winds over 40mph could be seen if it indeed does.

Preliminary forecast? I call for about 4 inches in SE Michigan, more as you head west toward Lake Michigan (where once again the lakes will be active) and North. Am counting on a waddle to the south and east some for this snow. If that would verify, then may even expect more. Stuff(whatever precip it ends up being) will start Saturday Night and go through mid morning Monday. Think a lot of that stuff on Monday will be streamers off the lakes and it may not be that widespread. Will see soon!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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