Active Week Ahead

Things start tonight when a clipper system will dump anywhere from a inch to 3 inches across much of Lower Michigan. Areas closer to the Lake Michigan are in for some lake enhanced snow and could see up to 5 inches. Snow will creep across the state after Midnight, and cover from West to East. Once it exits on Saturday, the lake effect machine can be expected to fire up and provide lingering flakes for another day.

Temps are expected to dip again, slowly dropping close to the single digits. This continues until our next disturbance moves through Mon night/Tues.

This system looks to have more moisture associated with it, as well as larger in general. Storms like this one coming off Texas often have the moisture to provide a decent amount of snow once it hits cold air, which will be in place. Don’t want to send amounts too high, but it could be a moderate snow accumulation storm. Looks to be long duration as it lasts Mon night-Tues night. Need more time to find an exact track of the system as it has been drifting north. Hoping it stays far enough south so places see snow, but a few spots in the southern part of Michigan may see a mix or liquid. Time will tell.

Been finding some really interesting articles about the weather lately, and thought I would share them.

This first one I found has a bunch of snowflakes as viewed by an Electron Microscope. Most people know the general shape or ideal shape, but the make up of snowflakes depends on warm and cool layers it passes through from the sky to the ground. This gallery shows some details way up close.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

One Response to Active Week Ahead

  1. Pamela says:

    Great forecast! Being a scientist, I really enjoyed the link to the electron microscope images of snowflakes. Fascinating! I wonder, is there an explanation or hypothesis for the interesting snowflake(s) configured like wheels on an axle? I thought it was interesting to see that snowflakes do not have the same design formation on each of their “arms”. This means that our art form that creating paper snowflakes with identical spindles and tips is quite primitive and inaccurate. I guess we’ll have to update our paper snowflake collection!

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