A little mellow period, time to recruit!

Seems as though the pattern has calmed down for Michigan in the upcoming week, so I thought I would share some social network links that ‘Greg’s Weather Blog’ resides on.

Mainly the big deals of the internet right now…Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve had my Twitter account for a long time, but have not started using it until recently. Looks like an excellent way to add little thoughts about a storm or pattern without a huge needy blog post. Feel like a good design layout will be catchy. Status updates can also be read here on the sidebar to the right.

Facebook is Facebook. Started as a fan page, but now I post blog update notices there. Feel free to become a fan, cruising on 200+!



So what weather will we have during this ‘mellow’ period? Well it certainly is not going to be a warm mellow period. Today was quite mild, but the rest of the week looks like a chilly one. You can thank the storm system attacking the Northeast for dragging down the fresh air. Highs in the teens across the state can be expected with lows in the single digits. By the weekend it warms up (lows in the teens now!) and we have the chance of two light clipper systems. Don’t believe these will dump more than 2 inches of snow. Beyond that, the pattern gets turbulent, but can’t be too accurate that far out right now.

If you decide to fan up on Twitter or Facebook, thank you! I know I cover a rather small area, but at least people are in the know of weather!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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