Chill nights, something about a heat wave?

Nights across Michigan have been brutal this past week. Lows in the lower single digits and wind chills in the negative teens have really cooled things down. This trend looks to continue for the next few days. By the weekend, temperatures will have made a rebound where we could see highs in the mid to upper 30s! That’s right, almost 40! By mid week next week, highs could indeed touch the big 4-0. Right now it looks like a big thaw for much of the country, but winter is known for its tricks.

Would not be surprised to see a few sprinkles of liquid precip during the thaw. The jet stream lifts and will give some storm action through the period, and we may be on the warm side. Feel crazy talking about rain in February but it is possible.

NWS forecast at the beginning of winter called for a slow start to winter storms in which a large amount was going to roll through in the later months. So far, winter storms for us have been limited, so that part is true.  Hoping that is still going to hold and we sneak in another storm or two, but not before this brief warm up.

I mentioned on my Twitter page that I was going to try some HDR photography. This is a budding technique that I have really enjoyed looking at, and is appreciable for landscape photography. With a capable DSLR in my hands, and finding a good software (Photomatrix Pro), thought I would give it a go.

To put it simple, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. By changing settings on your camera, you can take a correctly metered (exposed) image, a under metered (darker), and a over metered (brighter). That is all you need camera wise. This technique is mainly computer based when you combine all those images together you get a stark photograph that seems lively all across the board.

My first attempts were out of my dorm window, and rather unpleasing. Use of a tri-pod is highly recommended. I did take a good photo of Warriner Hall on the CMU campus at sunset. Would have been a splendid shot had there been some clouds, but the color gradient in the sky is pleasing at the same time. Would have loved to set up the shot more, but it was cold (not to mention the foot of snow preventing much travel in sneakers)! Since I am using the trial version of Photomatrix, the watermark appears.


Warriner Hall, Central Michigan University (click for full size)


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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