What should I title this?

Really had a struggle finding a title for this post. At first I was thinking about saying bye to spring peeking in. Then I thought, well this could very well be the most active part of winter yet. So I was jammed between opposites. And in those situations nothing fits better than a short off topic line!

Terrific story huh?

With this latest warm up, the jetstream has really been brought north. Along the jetstream ride areas of low pressure, and we will experience two of these storms this week.

The first storm is set to hit in the Sunday/Monday time frame. While a lot of the details still need to be pounded out, (this storm has been wavering all over the place on models) it is fairly certain that Michigan as a whole will get blasted by a wintry mess just a few days after near record breaking highs. I say wintry mess because some southern areas could find themselves in an ice storm up to a quarter inch, while northern parts will see 8-10 inches. Am a little skeptical on amounts that high just yet, but precip amounts on the GFS and the HPC support it. Coming back to writing this, a Winter Storm Watch has been issued for Sunday and Sunday night.

Towards the end of the week, another almost carbon copy of this storm will come through, think it seems to ride a little further north, but we have 7 days to look at this one form.

Grand Rapids NWS WeatherStory:

From the Grand Rapids NWS Office


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One Response to What should I title this?

  1. dad says:

    Good morning,
    I think I will call this storm Race Day by The Fire. What do you think? Sounds like a good day to watch the Great American Race! Keep up the good work. Really enjoy the reports.
    Kind Regards,dad

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