Storm recap and the path ahead…

Finally started snowing around 3pm in Mount Pleasant yesterday. Was a little later than expected and think that cut down on some accumulations. Either way, a lot of the heavy accumulations were noted south of the intended place. I guess nature just wanted to repay those scammed from the previous storm. I think the reason behind this was the temperature gradient. Heaviest precip falls towards areas of differing temperature. Heavy rains and even some thunderstorms were crossing the freezing line further south and creating some really heavy snow rates. Think some dry air in place took its toll early on.

The green grass has once again been replaced in Mount Pleasant with a white landscape. Really didn’t take long for that to happen. Reports of 6.8 inches came in and that is roughly 3 inches short of what I thought would fall. Areas south came in with close to 10.


Took a picture of the radar as snow and mixed precip moved through Michigan. Note the heavy precip band about to tackle Grand Rapids area.


A possibly larger storm could move through later this week in the Thursday Night/Friday time frame. Right now the GFS takes the storm east of the Appalachian Mtns, but the Euro and other models have it going west of the mountain range and thus bringing the Great Lakes more snow. So it’s a dual of fates and the choosing of a path. Expected to be another large storm since warm humid air is in place in the south and cool air is in place north of that. Between these two warring factions is the battle zone the weather will fight. If the storm tracks west, the northeast could face some serious rain and flooding potential.

With this system we could be looking at a severe weather outbreak in the nation’s midsection. Could especially favor tornadoes, so it should be watched carefully.

I said something about two more storms this season despite the spring like weather last week. We got one out-of-the-way, but this stormy pattern may bring a whole train of storms to town. The late storm season prediction is living well.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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