Is that a warming trend I see?

It could very well be! And I know plenty of people who will be happy to see rain and increased temperatures over freezing precip and ear numbing cold.

As before mentioned, our next system will be on Friday. Models show a surge of warmth ahead of the system as a warm front moves through. System gets a negative tilt pretty quick and almost turns into a plain cold front as it moves through. In fact, it may just pass as a cold front. A little hint of circulation after it passes may generate a low as the line moves east.

Will have to watch the skies in the south for thunderstorms, specifically Arkansas, but nothing as big as last week’s outbreak. Will be exciting watching storms develop this season as with any year.


Shiny new GOES-15 animation of thunderstorms developing in Arizona this past August. (Courtesy of Scott Bachmeier, CIMSS)



A little shot of mix or freezing rain is possible with this system, but southern areas are almost sure to be rain. Think most of the precip in our area to be be liquid, but there is a chance for some snow changeover after the cool air funnels back in also. Temp rebound takes place next week with temps in the mid to upper 40s! Further south you go, the warmer. Near the Ohio border, temps awfully close to 50 may sneak in.

Long range reveals systems moving through with the same temperature profiles and structure. Proves to be a wet start to spring. Plenty of water to get those plants growing and make everything green in no time.

But lets not count winter out yet…



Just kidding, no winter storms are on the horizon. Temperatures may take a hit by the end of next week as an arctic air mass breathes in some chilly air. Rebound again before another system tracks through.


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