The Weather Never Stops

Hearing about the recent quake and resulting tsunami reminds me of just how little we are in the face of Mother Nature. While these events are not really related to the atmospheric weather conditions, they are observed by NOAA for the public to hear from. One picture that I have seen a lot on the news and web, is the wave amplitude effect across the Pacific. It goes to show how much energy was released, and how this event miles off the coast of Japan, can have impacts all over.

Maximum Wave Amplitude computed with MOST model forecast. From the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research.

Wave propagation was also run in real-time to help issue correct Tsunami Watches, Warnings, and Advisories. This is effectively how the wave energy reacted and interacted with land forms in the ocean and along coast lines.

Reminds me of ripples when a pebble or stone is dropped in a puddle or lake. In this sense though, it is a lot more dangerous. One common misconception is that a tsunami is a constant huge wave.

Truth is, out in deep waters, the wave may be barely noticeable. The large and destructive surge of water we are accustomed to hearing about is formed when the energy reaches shallow water along a coastline or island. The water is ‘forced’ up and creates the deadly surge.

On to brighter news. I uploaded some nice sunset shots I found on a camera chip floating around, feel free to enjoy those on my flickr feed to the right.

Official Spring is almost here! One week to go and everything will be bright, cheery, and warm. Right? Well, we would all like that. Unfortunately this is Michigan, and that says a lot! The changing of seasons is a rare time though. You have the battle between two opposing temperatures and weather. I have often thought just this of Spring, a transfer between Winter and Summer. It’s worth noting because once you get super warm in Summer, you want cooler weather, but once you get super cool in Winter, you want heat again. So that equilibrium should be the right spot. Therefore cherish the changing of seasons, and get ready to want the opposite! Everyone has their favorite season though. Care to share? Made a quick little poll:


Towards the end of this week, temperatures will sure be cooperating for spring like weather. Expect highs in the 50s! On the same note, spring showers will be around so be sure to bring the proper gear if you are out and about. Thursday night into Friday is the greatest chance, however a few sprinkles Tuesday night are possible.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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