Well that was close.

I realize my morning internet schedule is probably a lot different from others. First tabs open are usually the NOAA website and a bookmark to the weather models as well as other sites like the GOES Project Science site (because being able to see the weather happening is probably my favorite!).

This morning, I followed this trend, and viewed the 6z GFS model. What I saw on Friday was not the greatest sight for pro-spring supporters. That’s right, possibly a nice wrap around snow storm for much of lower Michigan.

Low pressure shooting up through Lake Erie.

After viewing the full loop a few times. I decided to check the other model runs of 0z and the previous day models of 12z and 18z. ‘Z Time’ also known as Zulu time, Greenwich Mean Time or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is the time standard for most (if not all) computer models and usually radar loops. Because it is kept constant (no daylight savings time), it is easy to keep track of model times.

Anyway, those other runs showed no signs of this system tracking into Lake Erie like the 6z, so maybe it was simply a fluke run. For those looking to rid of snow, just hope it to be that way. Will keep the eyes peeled!

Forecast ahead for this week includes a pleasant atmosphere with clouds and sun! Few flakes may pop up Tuesday, but nothing to worry about. As the week continues, temperatures will be on the rise. Look to hit the 40s by mid/late week.

Did everyone have a good experience with the ‘super moon’ a few weeks back? While my attempt at photographing the moon in epic fashion failed miserably (it takes practice yo!), some National Geographic shots looked very nice indeed! Thought I would share that this time around here.

"Saturday's supermoon shines through clouds over Manila in the Philippines in a picture by National Geographic My Shot user Linga Fresco, Jr." Photograph by Fresco Jr. Linga, My Shot



About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

One Response to Well that was close.

  1. Dad says:

    Neat picture of the moon!!
    Looks like Mid Ohio race is August 7
    Have a great day!!

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