Warm and Storm

Bottom line for Sunday will be the hit or miss potential for storms. A warm front lifts through the region today allowing temps to really shoot up. The first round of storms came through about sunrise, triggering some severe thunderstorm warnings for areas north of I-96 and Mount Pleasant. Most places will top out in the mid 70s today, but some places in the southern part of Michigan could see 80 before the day is over.

Risk is there for more storms this afternoon, however a lot of uncertainty exists (on my end) for where a potential squall line will form and/or supercell development occurs. SPC has a moderate risk out for eastern Wisconsin today, and the theory is some of that may traverse across Lake Michigan.

However, if this development process is anything like yesterday’s, then most of that weather will take a direct route north-northeast. Saturday’s storms developed in Iowa and crawled northward before scooting east overnight. This complex of storms hit mainly northern lower Michigan overnight and this morning. If the pattern is the same, then most of the severe weather and storms will take off into the U.P. and Ontario. Having a glance at the Rapid Refresh Model, this is confirmed (loop is from 5pm Sunday to 1am Monday):


Complex of storms looks to develop in Wisconsin before heading north into the U.P. Cold front begins a squall line in Illinois, but looks weak in portions of Michigan.

Best way to keep updated is following your local news station or my Twitter which I will be updating throughout the day (more often than this).


Get out and enjoy that warmth while it is here and watch the skies! (not saying we will get snow next week or anything…)


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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