This is Spring Right?

Little burst of synoptic snow last night for southern portions of Michigan. Generally 2-4 inches was expected. Swath of 1-3″ was reported, with the higher amounts north of I-94.

To the hopes of many people out there, that may be the last of it (accumulating) for a while. Central/Northern Michigan may get a mix of rain and snow on Tuesday when a system moves through, but nothing is expected to accumulate. Storm systems will come through and with them, warmer air will move north. Not anywhere near the 80 degree day we had last week, but spring type air, 50s maybe a 60 or two late week.

Tuesday through Wednesday should be wet with scattered showers frequent. Area of low pressure will track northward and as a warm front passes, these showers will trigger. Severe storms are a threat again in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri as a cold front passes. Wednesday night could be breezy as the low exits the region.

Thursday looks like the only dry day later in the week before more showers turn up for Friday and the weekend in general.

Little more information on late snow history in SE Lower Michigan. If you think this is late snow…how about May 31st way back in 1910! Not too long ago, Michigan got hit by a decent storm in late April of 2005. Most of the snow fell in the thumb region where a foot was common.

April 24-25 2005 snow accumulations.

Adding to some media from the severe outbreak:

Multi Vortex Tornado


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