Full week of Spring Ahead!

If you are looking for spring like temperatures, then look no further! Well, look at next week. Temperatures will manage to stay mild in the upper 50s into the 60s. At the peak, highs in the 70s are possible. This will occur Tuesday before temps cool.

The only downside…ducks will enjoy it more.

Rain, rain, and more rain is setting its sights on our area for most of the week. Spotty showers will be around on Monday, before a system moves through on Tuesday which could bring some thunder with it. The showers will last into Thursday before Friday finally lets the sun shine through. Temperatures at the end of the week will still be close to 60.

With so much concentrated rain, flooding will be likely. Local rivers and streams may approach flood stage and once again spill over in low-lying areas. Will watch this further.

Enjoy the warmer temps, but watch the sky!

Past few days have been exciting in Mount Pleasant. Had another Michigan day which consisted of Snow, Sleet, Rain, and hail.

Pea sized hail grazed Mount Pleasant for a short while.

Pile of hail accumulation fallen off the roof.

Exciting but dangerous storms plowed across the nation once again on Tuesday. At one point the squall line resembled a snake, and I had to take a screenshot of it!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

2 Responses to Full week of Spring Ahead!

  1. Dad says:

    Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the spring forecast. FINALLY.
    Hey , Just want to point out the bottom picture did not show up like the top two pictures.?
    Look forward to next Saturday.
    Standing by, DAD

    • gweatherc says:

      Ah yea thanks! Not sure but the link is being goofy. Will try to work that sucker out. Happy Easter at home too!

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