Not over yet

After a drenching this morning, the afternoon has really cleared up with a nice breeze and mixed skies. Most welcome are the spots of blue sky. Showers will linger this evening and tonight.

From 7am to 1pm today, Mount Pleasant picked up about an inch and a quarter of rain. This rain overspreading the area will cause streams to fill and possibly crest over flood stage. More rain for Thursday will add to this amount. Flood Warning is out for the Chippewa River in Mount Pleasant as well as Grand River, Portage River, and Muskegon River. Chippewa should crest after midnight near 8.5 feet according to the NWS.

Storms came through last night providing some adrenaline for me on a rather slow-paced day. Surprised a Tornado Watch was issued off the bat early afternoon. Soon a line of storms was spotted intensifying and moving east. It took awhile, but soon Severe Thunderstorm Warnings began springing up, and locations reported hail.

Mount Pleasant got two rounds of storms. The first that came through was rather weak in my opinion. This storm must have weakened quickly before hitting. It did produce some magnificent skies as the line passed over revealing white on blue skies. Towering cumulus marked the thunderstorms. More of these shots can be found on my flickr photostream to the right.

View behind the storm. Nice 'pileus' or cap cloud above the cumulus.

Oh, and their was a faint double rainbow.

The second storm was much stronger and later prompted a Tornado Warning in Midland County right next door. Some small hail was reported with this storm as was cloud to ground lightning and heavy downpours.

Very sentimental shot as the sun sets behind heavy rain for the oncoming storm.

Forgot to turn autofocus on, and this is the best of the bunch. Final glimpse of the second storm.

News came out today that a NWS survey team confirmed a tornado in Allegan County, MI. It was responsible for damaging some turkey houses and a few trailers. Photos of damage and radar loops can be found on the Grand Rapids NWS or following this link.

Seeing all the severe weather in the south and up here yesterday, it is really important to be ready for the worst. Over the years I must say that having a NOAA Weather Radio is the BEST way to stay caught up with the weather. Not only will it alert you of bad weather in your neighborhood, but weekly forecasts are given 24/7. For an added treat, almanac data is usually shared at some interval based on station settings. My radio went off alerting of the Tornado Watch yesterday a full 5-7 minutes before the info was posted online. This added time can mean life or death in a particularly dangerous situation. The best part is they are relatively cheap and easy to support. I have an old Oregon Scientific handheld radio that is still kicking, some other suggestions on They also beat out SMS messages on phones by FAR. My text messages for severe weather arrived 3 hours after the storm left the area.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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