Keeping on Your Toes

With the slow-moving low pressure system in the west, these scattered thunderstorms will continue. Received a few rounds of them, and got another last night. Once again I took the photography approach, but most of the lightning was hidden cloud to cloud. (Impressive shots come from cloud to ground)

Warm and humid today resulting from a warm front that passed last night. Sky should stay a hazy white with clouds and the added humidity. On the surface, it really feels like a stormy day for afternoon/evening hours. More or less waiting for the trigger to see some storms develop. If things do start taking off, can expect the possibility of them becoming severe as the day goes on.

Weather station reports a solid 82 degrees at my house, so daytime heating has taken place with the breaks in clouds. This puts the Heat Index, or ‘what it feels like’, at around 86 with the 67% humidity reading at Ann Arbor Municipal. This speaks little for the weather set up, but as someone living on the surface, it helps!

We will have another warm day Friday before temps take a break into the 60s. Chance of daily thunderstorms or showers continues through the weekend.

Made an effort to diddle around in GIMP and edit some of my cloud photos. Why? Because I thought the blue sky could be richer and deeper in some. Thought this would up the dramatic factor. I did just that, but then found the ‘Invert’ command under Colors. Resulting display was quite impressive!

Inverted colors of blue and white create a threatening sunset!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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