Hard Times for Many

Last week it was the flooding Mississippi, this week its leveled towns from large tornadoes. Joplin is the obvious note from Sunday that took tragic losses, now reported to be a EF-5 tornado with winds over 200mph.

Hesitated to cover the Mississippi much because of all the good media coverage. Not sure if that is a good excuse, but I didn’t feel confident in reporting about it with others being more informed.

As I typed this earlier, large wedge tornadoes were ripping paths across Oklahoma. The folk down there are probably used to seeing a tornado or two a year, but these are something special.

KFOR news helicopter views a clean foundation of what was a building.

Got reports from The Red Cross that parts of I-40 needed to be shut down. This may be due to cars being scattered about, and a lot of trees being taken down. The storm cells developed very quickly. One moment I was looking at a clear visible satellite image, the next there were blossoming clouds that did not stop until it hit the tropopause.

Oklahoma via visible satellite (clouds) at 3:00pm Tuesday. Pretty clear, some convection can be seen.

Oklahoma at 4:30pm Tuesday, hour and a half later. Huge thunderheads engulf the mid-section of the state. Individual super cells strengthen and produce large tornadoes.

Michigan looks very wet and dreary today (Wednesday).  As the low pressure system corkscrews down south, wafts of rain will impact the area. This also sets up the threat for severe weather not only down in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, but in our neck of the woods as well. Mainly southern Michigan has to be on the lookout, I would say from Lansing south. The whole area is blanketed by flood advisories, watches, and warnings. Watch the roadways for significant water; just 6″ can move a car! Rainfall amounts could surpass 2″ by Friday.

Checking the radar now, a pretty decent squall line is tearing across far southern Michigan.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms track across Michigan.

Stay dry or wet, whatever your fancy! And if interested, check out some post-processing work on some photos I took. Greg’s Weather and Misc.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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