Lightning Safety Week

This Father’s day marks the beginning of Lightning Safety week! Take a few moments of your time online to refresh proper lightning safety. While it is not the #1 weather killer, resulting injuries are often permanent and severely crippling. By taking the proper precautions and simply going indoors when thunder rumbles, you are good to go!

Growing up, I had a good lesson at how random lightning could be; our backyard had been struck by lightning 4 or 5 times. This usually results in the frying of common devices in the house. Think we have gone through a few sets of phones, a garage door mechanism, a computer, and other miscellaneous electronics. So it also would be a good safe guard for your electronics to look into surge protectors.

Looking ahead at this week, thunderstorms are a chance all week. Tuesday looks to have more organized development, but other than that thunderstorms will be popping up and hard to forecast. This shouldn’t downplay their strength as if the cells are separate they get more energy to themselves. Will keep an eye on the week.

One of my favorite weather phenomenon is the Bolt from the Blue.

Capable of striking 25 miles away from the storm, these bolt are particularly dangerous. The name Bolt from the Blue comes from the sky condition at the time; blue. More deception from the weather! Just when you think it is okay to go back outside, a stronger and more powerful lightning strike may cause you harm. This type of lightning may also be called positive lightning.

We can go into lightning charges another time, but long story short, a positive bolt is rare but really strong. In the photo you will notice the arc starting in the middle of the anvil (opposed to the cloud base for regular/negative charge lightning). I lied, we will go into lightning charges. Typically with precipitation falling from the cloud base, negative charges are formed. This in turn makes positive charges above them in the cloud column or anvil feature. This is where positive lightning will originate. In order to find a negative charge on the ground, the lightning will need to travel a good distance from the storm miles away. This is your bolt from the blue.

Many types of lightning featured


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One Response to Lightning Safety Week

  1. Dad says:

    Very interesting. Nice timing on the pictures. Thank you for the info.
    Standing by, DAD

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