Another Stormy Day

After a wet end to Tuesday, Wednesday looks to bring the same. Showers highlight Thursday before clearing skies on Friday and the weekend.

A line of storms already has swept through the area, building up around noon. Behind this line, more storms continue to sporadically pop up and cause a brief shower.

From the line earlier today, I caught another possible wall cloud making its way into Mount Pleasant. Radar images showed a different story, nearly no velocity change to indicate a wall cloud or rotation. What was apparent was the lowered cloud base comparable to my other shots. These were taken at approx 1:13pm.

Another wall cloud!??! Shouldn't be this easy.

Closer now...

Nothing was warned, again probably because of the lack of evidence on the radar. I couldn’t tell if there was rotation from my view…once again. Anyway, rain came along and covered that bad boy up. Midland and Bay counties eventually went under a severe thunderstorm warning, but at the time the storm became more characteristic of a squall line with straight line winds.

Last night looked quite exciting! That is until the storm just decided to stall over the area and dump rain. Did catch a shelf cloud making its way through:

Just barely make out a cloud feature passing overhead.

At this time another line of showers and storms is moving west to east across lower Michigan. So, watch the skies and head to cover when necessary. Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect for much of eastern Michigan until 7pm.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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