Sunny but warm, imagine that!

Minus a scarce shower or two this evening, the week ahead looks clear. Along with this partly cloudy/sunny forecast, temperatures will be on the rise. Look for near 90 towards Sunday.

And that’s about it up in our neck of the woods.

During my last week of summer classes at Central, I shot a few time lapse sessions out my window. Camera feeds directly to my computer and to an external hard drive, so I was chained in a room with a fickle window screen. Using my telephoto I zoomed in far to catch what I always wanted to time-lapse, clouds bubbling in development. Plug in 30 seconds of your favorite tunes and enjoy some clouds building.

Earlier that very same day I captured a wall cloud which kicked off a day of wet and stormy weather. Time progression is roughly 45 minutes.

Very electrifying photo found while digging around. This is of a recent eruption (early June) in the Andes Mountains in Chile. Lightning is a common sight in towering clouds of ash and sometimes pyrocumulus. More stunning photos of the eruption can be found here.

Click for larger size (1600x1017)

In searching for this photo I came across some articles about how the many volcano eruptions world-wide may spark some global cooling effects. This is quite possible as ice core records indicate fluctuations in temperature following active ash deposition. With so many variables in the atmosphere it would be hard to predicts exactly what to expect.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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